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Let’s talk hot flashes and night sweats

What you need to know about your internal infernos

Hot flashes are categorized by severity


You’re hot, but at least you’re not sweating.


You’re hot and starting to sweat, but you can keep going.


When you’re so hot and sweaty, you literally have to stop what you’re doing.

Some fiery facts about VMS

VMS can impact many aspects of your life

including your sleep, ability to focus, and personal relationships

VMS can start as early as age 40

and can last longer than 10 years for some women

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On average, women experience


hot flashes & night sweats

per week*

*Based on a UK study.

VMS affects a higher percentage of

African American
& Hispanic women

Up to 80% of women

will experience VMS
due to menopause

VMS can last
2 to 4 years longer in

African American
& Hispanic women

Compared with White women.

See what’s really happening in your hypothalamus

Learn what’s sparking your internal infernos